Global Version 1.0
1 Jan 2021

Privacy Policy

IQVIA Connection is provided under contract by IQVIA Technology Services to the client and this site presents the results, data and information that has been collected from associated IQVIA Connection questionnaires or that has been imported directly by the client.

IQVIA Connection users

To use IQVIA Connection you will need to register with this site and provide your consent for us to hold your data. As part of registration you will provide details about yourself and your condition and as a user of this site you will provide further information by completing questionnaires about your condition. In support of usage tracking and to ensure that we have a record of what data has been accessed (for logging and governance purposes) the pages you access after you have logged on are recorded, as is the IP address and browser details from the computer you have used to access this portal.

Data in this site

All data in this site is owned by the client who is the "Data Controller". IQVIA Connection process this data on behalf of the client and are the "Data Processor". IQVIA Connection will only capture personal information on questionnaires at the express request of the data controller and your personal information will never be shared with anyone other than the data controller. Anonymised information may be shared with research organisations. The data held in this site IQVIA Connection will include:

The scope, purpose and legal grounds for our processing of this data is defined under contract, in registration consent information and (where appropriate) data processing agreements. For further information regarding the data in this site please contact the client associated data controller.

Data sharing

IQVIA Connection will not share any of your personal information with anyone outside of IQVIA Connection or the client, but anonymised data may be shared with other research or specialist organisations. Should questionnaire invitations be required for specific patients or individuals over an SMS or IVR channel, IQVIA Connection will use a specialist third party to deliver this service. When these channels are used the telephone number and sometimes the name of the respondent will be shared with the third parties. Please refer to the terms of use and scope in IQVIA Connection contract for further information.

Data retention

Data controllers decide how long data should be retained. IQVIA Connection is flexible and can support any retention period deemed appropriate by the data controller.

Rights of the individual

Individuals with personal data stored in IQVIA Connection can request to see this information as well as to have it corrected or permanently deleted. All such requests will be referred to the data controller for consideration and confirmation. Individuals who are not satisfied with any corresponding response or believe that we are not processing data in accordance with the law can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).